teshimemejunta replied to your post “teshimemejunta replied to your post “teshimemejunta replied to your…”

good idea, a lot more people have said nice things !

yeah! nice tags on my art cheer me up so much ^-^

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shinkai brothers

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reminds everyone i still and will always love hetalia

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teshimemejunta replied to your post “teshimemejunta replied to your post “but why do people reblog art if…”

exactly! its not productive in any way. some peeps just wanna cause a stink for no reason. there are a lotta pointless things, but this is def in the top 5

yeah i dont wanna dwell on it too much its just rly obnoxious and rude. people putting negativity on my art stresses me out

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teshimemejunta replied to your post “but why do people reblog art if they are just going to complain in the…”

dude complaining in tags is ..seriously. seriously rude. cause 1. why you gotta be nasty in the first place and 2. artists can see what you say! : /

yeah and its so pointless cause it does nothing but make them look super rude. its not like id change my opinion or anything just because of what they said so why do people even bother

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but why do people reblog art if they are just going to complain in the tags why

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hakogaku at weddings:

  • arakita crying loudly. and then screaming nO i’M NOT CRYIng fUck yOU it’s just REALLY HOT IN HERE and going back to pretending like his face isnt red and blotchy from the tears
  • shinkai standing dignified to the side, smiling and looking every bit like a proud dad/big brother
  • izumida openly weeping from joy, he’d also be the kind to wish the couple happiness every chance he gets (“andy and frank are so happy for you”)
  • fukutomi standing still throughout the wedding. so still in fact you could almost miss the tears streaming silently down his face
  • ashikiba tries to play the piano at the reception only to find that he doesn’t fit in the seat
  • manami is nowhere to be found
  • kuroda’s just /there/, awkwardly patting izumida on the back and trying to ignore the sounds of his favorite senpai blowing his nose noisily
  • where’s toudou you ask??? toudou is at the altar. toudou’s the best man and maid of honor. it’s toudou’s wedding and he’s getting married to himself
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Headcanon: Onoda is sweet and kind in all situations except when you diss his OTP and his inner otaku bleeds out

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i feel like ive had my twitter long enough that i should know how to use it but i just

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